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Dodge Viper 2014 Release Date Dodge Viper 2014 Release Date and Price

Key İmprovements on the 2014 Dodge Viper GTS SRT could be the addition of new light weight aluminum live “X” at the bottom in the engine that will scarves the actual suspensions pick up points to this mineral spreading, and is particularly among the attempts inside leading to rigidity bettering. A whole new aluminium effect ray at the front from the vehicle plays a role in total mass personal savings and also increased weight submitting although providing excellent crashworthiness.

Dodge Viper 2014 Release Date and Price

You can start preparing for this car even before it launch. Unfortunately there can be not much information and facts about the new Dodge Viper 2014 release date. If you dropped you can manage it and want to know the primary Dodge Viper 2014 price. Meanwhile some rumors told that Dodge Viper 2014 release date will be in late this year. you can get in touch with certified traders of the Dodge to discover out more about the Dodge Viper 2014 price. There is no purpose why you should be eventually missed when it comes to the high-class and relaxation that comes with Dodge vehicles. This car is made in a way that they will provide you even more than you predicted. We promise that we will update soon after Dodge announces Dodge Viper 2014 release date.

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Powertrain Dodge Viper 2014
Even though the 640-hp, 600-lb-ft, 8.4-liter monster V-10 is unchanged, the TA is the quickest Viper we’ve ever tested: 60 mph happens in a scant, ZR1-beating 3.3 seconds and the quarter mile in 11.3 seconds with a rip-snorting trap speed of 129.3 mph. For reference, the Viper GTS on Corsas needs 11.4 seconds at 128.7 mph, and the Corvette ZR1 takes 11.4 seconds at 128.8 mph. True, the 25-pound difference between the GTS and the TA could be the reason (unlikely), but our testing crew’s best guess is that the revised (and softer) suspension helps the TA hook up better. Braking from 60 mph takes just 94 feet, 1 foot longer than the GTS and 3 feet greater than the ZR1. Around our figure eight, the Viper broke into the 22s at 22.9 seconds, which means it’s not only the best-handling Viper we’ve ever seen (23.2 for the GTS), but it’s quicker than the ZR1 (23 seconds flat). In fact, 22.9 places the Viper TA at an all-time second place (tied with the Porsche GT2 RS) just behind the Corvette Z06, which ran 22.8 seconds. In terms of performance, the Dodge Viper 2014 TA is absolutely world-class.

Dodge Viper 2014 Interior and Exterior
With the exception of its LED lighting front and rear, along with slightly more genteel-looking side exhausts, the latest Viper doesn’t stray far from the testosterone-laden looks of previous models. About the only critique overheard in New York was that the Viper has a hint of Ferrari here and there, especially in the shape of its curvaceous front fascia. Of course, that’s like criticizing someone for looking a bit too much like a supermodel. We doubt the folks at SRT mind having their baby compared to the cars that come from Maranello, Italy.

Dodge Viper 2014 Features and Safety
Springs and anti-roll bars are also retuned for track use, and a new carbon fiber X-brace is used in place of the standard aluminum unit.

Aero tweaks also help track performance, with carbon fiber front splitter and rear spoiler adjusting airflow. A rear carbon fiber applique blings up the track-focused theme.

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