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Slowly, but surely, details on the next-generation 2014 Ford Focus RS are starting to be revealed. This time around, reports are that the Focus RS is destined to make an appearance in 2014 sporting a 2.3-liter, four-cylinder with 350 hp.

Price and Release Date
Meanwhile some rumors told that 2014 Ford Focus RS release date will be in late this year. Price of the new Focus RS will be around 35,000 euros, and the arrival on the market is expected 2014th year. We promise that we will update soon after Ford announces 2014 Ford Focus RS release date.

2014 Ford Focus RS 2014 Ford Focus RS Price in USA

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Team RS, the department responsible for the development of Fords’ RS models, has expressed a preference towards this bigger engine, as opposed to the turbocharged 2,0-litre EcoBoost unit found in the current ST. Getting more power from the ST’s engine will require a larger turbo, which could potentially have a negative impact on engine response, according to Len Urwin, Team RS’s powertrain engineering manager.

The important news, however, is the new engine’s power output. Whereas the previous 2,5-litre, five-cylinder Focus RS developed 224 kW, the new 2,3-litre unit could deliver as much as 260 kW. Team RS is aware of the challenges that channelling so much power through the front wheels entails, and will be working on a special differential to help put the power down more effectively.

Whats New
The Focus RS Mk1 and Mk2 might have looked like rally stage refugees, but they sunned all-wheel drive in favour of a front-drive set-up, using clever limited-slip differentials (and RevoKnuckle suspension on the second-gen RS) to tame torque-steer and wheelspin. The new Focus RS will continue that proud, if slightly unhinged tradition.

Ford’s new Kuga SUV could have provided its trick all-wheel drive components to the new RS: the fast-acting system shuffles torque around to quell understeer and give the car a neutral balance in fast turns. However, RS division members want RS cars to be playful at the limit of traction, and that means no all-paw gubbins underneath.

A manual gearbox will live on in the next Focus RS, too. Ford is confident its hot hatch customers prefer shifting their own gears, instead of depending on Ford’s dual-clutch Powershift gearbox to do it for them. Don’t forget the current Ford Focus ST and upcoming Fiesta ST are both strictly stick-shift choices.

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